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Light Duty Sliding Doors

Light duty sliding doors by Scott Doors Ltd are designed and manufactured to meet the individual needs of your or your business. We have a range of Light duty sliding doors which come in a range of materials depending on the purpose and can come with a range of lock and tracks. Our Light duty sliding doors operate on either the Fermod 2300 or Fermod 2400 track.

Our Light duty sliding doors are most suitable for domestic or industrial environments and they can be used for refrigeration and chilling storage depending to what extent. Our Light duty sliding doors are best used in freezer and chilled environments such as food processing, preparation areas and cold storage distribution.

The team at Scott Doors Ltd will discuss the range of Light duty sliding doorsavailable and which is best for you. We have over ten years experience in the industry we will look at your requirements and design and manufacture bespoke Light duty sliding doors to meet your needs.