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Modular Cold Rooms


We can supply Modular Coldrooms which are produced by foam injection based around rapeseed oils rather than petrochemicals.
This process uses only 10% of the energy required to produce petroleum-based polyols and therefore has a Zero impact on the ozone layer.
The panels are either 80mm or 100mm in thickness and lock together with camlocks.
They are suitable for chill or freezer applications.
Based on an ambient temp of circa + 25 Deg.
80mm panels will go down to -18/20 Deg.
100mm about -34 Deg.

Standard external height is 2.36m; max height with camlock system is 3m.
Above this height joints are only pushed together.
Maximum overall panel length 5m.
We can provide various finishes i.e. White foodsafe laminate, polyester, stainless steel and HPS colourcoat.